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Assorted Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Resin, Pottery, or Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Door Knobs

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Give a touch to your cabinets with our decorative assortment of unique cabinet knobs! 

As part of this set, you will receive random knobs. These knobs will come in assorted fittings (some of them can be silver, brass, silver antique, or brass antique), in assorted designs (some of them can be floral, solid, clear, colored, geometric, polka dots, etc.), and in assorted materials (some of them can be ceramic, glass, wooden, metal, bone, pottery, or resin). 

All knobs are handmade and handpainted. You will recieve random knobs as part of this set, you could receive some of the same pieces or no pieces will be exactly the same. You cannot ask for certain knobs, as they will be random. 

Assorted Cabinet Knobs are Ideal for:

1.       Furniture: Dressers, Wardrobe Armoires, Storage Cabinets and More! 

2.       Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets or Drawers

3.       Doors: Closet or Bathroom Doors

Screw Size: Random

Material: Random: Could be Ceramic, Glass, Pottery, Metal, Resin, Wood, or Bone

Color: Random: Multicolor

Note: No returns will be accepted