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5 Fun, Fresh, Clever Uses of Wall Hooks


Organized choice is very challenging and even its very typical to do creatively. Wall hooks for coat and jacket which are much much more handy and placed beautifully. Wall hooks are amazingly organized in the place. Wall hooks are giving a much more creative look to the walls to the home. Ceramic hooks at knobco which are available at different color variants which come at a different look to home. There are multiple usage of wall hooks like hanging up the coat, bathroom basket, christmas stocks and many more. Customers can be expression creatively. Let's take brief usages of wall hooks.


Hang Your Ironing Boards:


Wall hooks have multiple uses i.e ironing board can be used with wall hooks in the bathroom. It's very easy to hang up the iron clothes. Knobco carry multiple designs of wall hooks, even knobs and handles of cabinets. Wall hooks fulfill the social duties of keeping things tied and saving space.

Hair Dryer Hanger:


Hair dryers are as cumbersome as they are useful for all bathroom items. Most of the people use plastic hanger loops for creativity.most of the dryers are made with plastic and easily with wall hooks. Knobco are designed with very authentic and colorful hardware like wall hooks, knobs, drawer pulls etc.

Shoe Hanger:


Clearing closet space is simple when wall hooks are used as shoe hangers. Simply knot one pair of shoelaces and loop them over the hook. You could hang several pairs on multiple hooks or only one to perk up a drab corner of a room.


Necklace Display:

Here is multiple usage of the wall hooks in different segments. Avoid this curved tangle and create a pretty showcases by hanging necklaces from small wall hooks in the bedroom and bathroom. With the help of wall hooks your necklaces could be transformed into an art display nicely. Hang your products in pleasing patterns on your wall. This creates a beautiful focal point for the room while freeing up storage space.

Gift holder:

People usually work on decor the home through gift holders, Through wall hooks customers hang the gifts on wall hooks. Ceramic hooks would be facny as home decor.


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