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Expert Guide to Select Right Knobs and Pulls for Your Kitchen Cabinet

Whenever one plans a kitchen remodel or builds a new kitchen altogether, most of the time is spent considering the implements that are large and more expensive. This includes cabinetry, appliances, flooring, and countertops.

The significance of hardware for kitchen cabinets always takes the back seat in such circumstances. 

If one is creating a new kitchen, then kitchen cabinets are going to account for a major section of your budget. So, one should only go ahead with kitchen hardware that is a high scorer in the terms of aesthetics and functionality. In this guide, we will consider the top ways of choosing the kitchen hardware right.


What makes kitchen cabinet hardware important?

When kitchen cabinets are complemented by the right type of hardware, they appear outstanding. For your kitchen and kitchen cabinetry, hardware is just like jewelry. You could gemstone knobs if you like for your kitchen. They’re available online. With attention to small details, a significant impact can be laid over the appearance of your kitchen. 

This depends on a homeowner’s taste as well. Just as an instance, if you intend the other elements of your kitchen to stand out, then you may choose to go for kitchen hardware in subdued shades and styles. But, one may also choose to go for some more jazzy and trendy versions of kitchen cabinet hardware, which add a dash of color to the kitchen. Ceramic handles and ceramic cabinet knobs score in this regard. Drawer Knobs will yield character to your custom cabinetry.

The different types of kitchen cabinet hardware

The starting point is trying to figure out the type of cabinet hardware that a homeowner is looking for. The primary classification of kitchen hardware is knobs and pulls. But, in each category, hundreds of different types of options will be available.

The more affordable among the two types of kitchen hardware are knobs. They are easier to install as well and have a smaller profile as compared to pulls. So, knobs can be used for drawers or cabinets.

Pulls, on the other hand, are sure to make a larger statement. But, the point that works in the favor of pulls is that they are easier to grip and use. Ceramic handles hence make the cut.

In terms of knobs, a homeowner is going to have many choices before him. Classic rounded knobs are going to be one of them. But bar pulls in modernistic styles are also making a remarkable statement nowadays. 

So, a homeowner can go for any type of kitchen hardware that meets his taste. But, while it looks great, it should be easy to use as well.


The ideal type of knobs or pulls for your kitchen

Pulls and knobs are going to be available in a wide variety of styles and a nice range of shapes as well. Nevertheless, taking a look at the other elements in the kitchen will help define the type of knobs or pulls that you intend to go for. 

One such observation is whether your countertop edges or cabinet doors have square or curved lines. You could go for knobs and pulls in a similar fashion. 

For traditional kitchens, classic round knobs are believed to render the best outcomes. Contemporary kitchens, on the other hand, always tend to choose progressive square knobs. Let us take a look at a few recommendable pointers in this regard:

  • In case you have shaker-style or mission-style cabinets in your kitchen, then you could go for flat bar pulls or square knobs.

  • Cup pulls are sometimes known as bin pulls as well. With their semi-circular shapes, they are reasonably popular for farmhouse-style kitchens and render a vintage look to a home.

  • Now, when we consider finger pulls or cabinet tabs, they’d be installed face-down towards the top of cabinet doors or drawers. This renders a modern and sleek appearance to a kitchen. For traditional kitchens, they’d create a retro look.

  • For minimalist kitchen designs, an alternative that is doing rounds is a flat bar or round cabinet pulls. The ideal material or finishing for the hardware is matte black, satin nickel, or stainless steel.

  • Kitchen hardware could be in a more impactful design when an ornate backplate complements a stylish knob. This way, one could have an Asian, Gothic, Mediterranean, or Victorian theme in one's kitchen.

  • If your cabinet is plain, then drop handles that feature dangling pulls could jazz up the design. This styling characteristically works well with all cabinet styles.

Knobs and pulls made from glass are also making waves for the season. The styling is attractive while being reasonably affordable. One could figure out clear glass knobs, or the ones in an attractive rainbow of color choices. A few of the alternatives could be multicolored as well. 

This hardware will be available for buyers' discretion in a wide range of shapes. Irrespective of whether one's kitchen has an eclectic, vintage, contemporary or traditional styling theme, one could come across options that work the best for one's kitchen. It may work towards adding a dash of color to the kitchen.

Finishing for kitchen cabinet hardware

After finalizing upon the type of kitchen cabinet hardware that works the best for you, the next step in line is to finalize upon its finish. The default way of going about it is to match the hardware’s finish with the finishing over the lighting or kitchen faucet.

But there is no hard and fast rule as such. While the finishing of the two implements is matching, things should work out fine. Just as an instance, brass lighting should work just fine with black hardware and vice versa. This makes a nice contrast and yields an industrial and modern farmhouse look.

Then, one may choose to contrast the hardware with other elements in the kitchen, like the color of the cabinets or the countertops. Another exciting way to go about it is to mix and match hardware styles among the upper and lower cabinets.

As a premium example, one could achieve a timeless look upon combining oil-rubbed bronze cabinet hardware and faucet with light-colored granite countertops. Similarly, for a sleek look in a contemporary or a modern kitchen, one could contrast stainless steel hardware such as metal knobs with dark, stained wood.


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