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Little Things For Wedding Favors, Cocktail Party Favors

You or your family put a lot of time and effort to make your marriage serene. You go anywhere, the gratitude show is a must in any wedding program.

Your wedding guests come, give you blessings, offer you gifts, and shower their love on starting your new life. And when the big day comes they get memories, you get memories However, what most of your wedding guests don’t get is the Wedding Favors. Though a decades ago, wedding couples use to give sunglasses, honey jars, flip-flops, God’s idols, and many other inexpensive items. 

In recent years, the trends of wedding favors ideas has changed!

People now seek for wedding favors personalized to them. The wedding favors guests are no more interested in receiving coffee mugs, trinkets, goodie bags, coasters, etc.

Even more, a few tried-and-true best wedding favors from the past get left at the venue of your grand wedding reception or sometimes go unused by the guests.

I think you would not want such a thing happening to your small treat - “the wedding token.”

Below are some of the best wedding favors of 2019 that add more memories to your party. Let’s take a look at the useful and personalized top 5 wedding favors one by one!


Aroma Oil Diffuser:

After a hectic day from the office, you come home and get instant welcome from aromatic amalgamation of rose, jasmine, lavender, Lilly, orchid, etc. Your home ambiance enhances with the sweet fragrance that disperses evenly. Our aroma oil diffusers are little mood enhancers within beautifully crafted ceramic oil burners. This can be the best surprising and immersive wedding gift for your wedding gifts with unique cabinet hardware.


Wine Cork Bottle Stopper:

 Wine Stoppers are all-time wedding favor favorite! Our ceramic wine bottle stoppers hold a perfect pairing with a bottle of wine. Hand-made, hand-painted multicolor wine stoppers can do much favor in your cocktail party. They are in trends; moreover, people prefer to give them in the wedding gifts for anniversary parties too.


Tea Coaster Set With Handmade Gift Box: The handicraft and handpainted indo-western patterned tea costers can be the best return gift to your wedding guests. Colored and designed in different ways, our coasters made up of 100% blue pottery ceramic can base up your cup of tea, coffee, or a glass of wine, hard drink, etc.


Ceramic Wall Hook:

Decorative wall hooks look sober at your homes to keep clothes neat and tidy at homes and offices. Our unique wall hooks are vast in the collection and offer your wall an impressive and attractive look. This home decor item can definitely make your guests’ day every time they hang something on it.


Candle Holders: 

The winsome candle holders are another home decor item among other little things for wedding favors in 2019. Also, tea light holders with handmade colorful box are available in our ceramics blue pottery section

These are some of our ways to say thanks and present the love token to your wedding guests. To make it more personalized you can wrap some of your pre-wedding shoot pics and present this wedding favor to them more easily.


Which little things for wedding favors fits you best? Don’t forget us to mention this in the below comment section!

“Could aroma oil diffusers + wine stopper + tea coaster packed up in a packet be your best set of wedding favors? Comment us down!”


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