How to Choose The Right Knobs and Pulls for Your Kitchen Cabinet?

How to Choose The Right Knobs and Pulls for Your Kitchen Cabinet?

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One of the most important parts of our dearest home is kitchen. Kitchen is a place to spend some quality moments with our family and make a number of memories. So, when it comes to the furnishing of kitchen, we try to choose the best and suitable furniture as per the kitchen’s interior. Mostly the cabinets are sold without its hardware and sometimes customer himself refuses for it because he wants to select the hardware as per his family’s choice. Well, when we say hardware it means Knobs and Pulls of the cabinet or drawers.


After furnishing, you need to select the Pulls and Knobs of your kitchen. Now, the important question is, ‘How to select the right Knobs and Pulls?’. We at Knobco will help you with it and provide you some suggestions for Ceramic Knobs For Kitchen Cabinets so that you can select what is best for your kitchen.


Kitchen Interior’s Favorable

First and foremost, factor to consider while choosing the knobs and pulls for kitchen drawers and cabinets is the kitchen interior, wall paint color, cabinet colors etc. The selected knobs and pulls should be in the color range of wall paint or should make a good combination and should not go so far from that color, it may look quite odd. Also, it should be different from the cabinet’s color.

  1.  If your kichen interior is western then you should go for Bubble Glass Knobs, Wooden Resin or Bone Knobs.
  2.  Similarly, if your kitchen has a royal look then you should think about choosing Metal Knobs, Solid Metal Knobs, Beaded Knobs or Wooden Knobs.
  3.  For traditional kitchen interior, you should check for Melon Knobs, Screen Printed Knobs. 


Well, there are some different kind of cabinet knobs like Royal Casino Knobs are also available. You can check the New Arrival section of knobs to get a unique idea to beautify your kitchen.


Whether a Knob or Pull?

Now, the bigger question is whether to use a knob or pull? How will you be able to decide it? Both Knobs and Pulls have their own benefits. Pulls are a bit more comfortable than knobs because they are easy to grab and handle. While knobs can be used in the small cabinets and doors, on the other hand, pulls can be used in drawers.

Because drawers may contain heavy things so using a knob for drawers is not a good option rather a Drawer Pull will be a good choice. While, in case of small doors of the cabinets, using Knobs will be a wise decision. You can check out Bubble Glass Door Knobs on our website for this purpose.

Using only knobs or only pulls is also an option. It is good for the look of the kitchen. Use of ‘Only Pulls’ give your classy look while in case of ‘Only Knobs’, it may not a good choice. You can look after using both knobs and pulls according to their benefits.


Choice of Finishes

We provide various types of finishes for knobs and pulls and some of them are Silver, Silver Antique, Brass and Brass Antique. So, you can choose the finishes in any knob and pull. These metallic finishes give a different look to the knobs and pulls. While choosing the right knobs and pulls, it is quite necessary to select the suitable finishes as well according to the furnishing and designing of the kitchen.

You can select the Ceramic Cabinet Knobs in hand paint designs with different finishes at knobco. 

A good choice of finishes can change the whole look of your kitchen.


Cost Friendly

Most important thing every customer considers before purchasing kitchen cabinet hardware is its Cost. Decorative hardware is the best place where you can purchase a wide variety of Knobs and Pulls with best quality in compatible and reasonable prices. There are only a few companies in all over world which offers inexpensive products in kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls and Knobco is one of them. We are the platform which is in the reach of middle- class families too. is an online platform for Home Decor Hardware, Potteries, Unique Cabinet Knobs, Tiles, Hanging Lamps, Wall Ceramic Hand Printed Hooks, Attractive Wine Bottle Stoppers and a lot more products. The beauty of our products is remarkable and we do not compromise with quality as well. Check our website and enjoy the whole experience.

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