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Blue Pottery Lotus Design Collectible Plate 40 inches One of a Kind Piece, Art and Collectibles, Limca Book of Records

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Beautiful art pieces reflect soul of the art maker. Just like this classic Blue Pottery plate which is crafted in amazing colours and Lotus motifs.

Lotus the symbol of beauty, peace and tranquility.

Limca Book of Records 100% Handmade Big Blue Pottery Lotus Design Collectible Plate 40 inches One of a Kind Piece, Art and Collectibles

Nationality is one part, the other reason why Leela Bordia chose these precious flowers as her theme for the one of a kind 40” (inch) plate is, her craftsmen. 40 years back when she ventured into social work, she stumbled upon this dying craft. Motivation has played a big role in keeping this art form alive and the result is this plate.

The beauty lies within. These craftsmen did not lose their roots, even though they had moved their base from the villages to the cities. With a little hope they blossomed just like the lotus. When we call them “underprivileged” they are gifted in some way or the other. Even when the lotus grows in muck, it’s beauty is unparalleled. It’s on us what we choose to see or believe.

This plate is a dedication to each and every craftsman who is as beautiful as the Lotus.

Making of this beautiful Blue Pottery Plate involves hands of 10 craftsmen.
This Plate has been completed in 40 days.

Engaged in the innovations and the manufacture of Jaipur Blue Pottery, for the last 40 years, Mrs Leela Bordia has accomplished a unique feat by making a 40” plate. This is a one-of-a-kind plate and this size has never been achieved in this craft. This Blue Pottery Plate is beautiful and its intricacy is special attraction. A kind of museum Plate, it reflects true colours of hard work and talent of Indian artisans.

A particular percentage of the selling amount will be contributed to the welfare of these artisans.

• It is 100% handcrafted by Indian artisans.
• Hand painted with hundreds of strokes
• Made in India