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Buddha Standing (Sodalite) Stone Statue, Handcarved Buddha 4.5 inches, Meditation Buddha Statue

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Buddha has always represented peace, purity, ascension and compassion. His learnings have always taught to become empathetic, righteous and selfless. His guiding light has been kindness towards yourself, towards others, towards animals, towards everything that exists on this beautiful planet.

The Vitarka mudra that can be seen in the statue is mainly interpreted as a gesture from hand that is known to evoke the energy of intellectual discussion and teaching. The circle made by the index finger and thumb generates a constant flow of information and energy.

Bring home this attractive Buddha statue which will surely create a holy zone of peacefulness in your home and spread love and happiness. The statue is made up of sodalite stone which is known to calm your panic attacks and bring emotional balance in your life.

Dimension - 4.50"X2"

Weight - 196 grams