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Ceramic Knobs

Hundreds of ceramic cabinet knobs in a variety of unique, fun, and colorful designs! Great for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and furniture. Most knobs are handmade and hand painted and come with hardware for installation. Please inquire about our custom knob design services if interested in getting your own design painted on one of our ceramic knobs.

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Solid Blue Ceramic Dresser Cabinet Knob
Stock: 131 SKU: BPCK-079
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White Ceramic Knob with Brown Flower
Stock: 125 SKU: BPCK-108
BPCK-076 Brown Ceramic Knob-Antique Brass
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Solid Brown Ceramic Cabinet Dresser Knob
Stock: 124 SKU: BPCK-076
BPCK-074 White Cabinet knob-Antique Silver
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Round Solid White Colored Drawer Knob
Stock: 99 SKU: BPCK-074