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Dada Guru Dev ( Crystal) 5.50"X3.75"

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There are many saints and monks that exist since the origin of the Jain religion. Among all of them, the four Acharya were the one to be honoured and worshipped as Dada Gurudev.

The name Dada Gurudev refers to the deity and supreme teacher. The four Acharya are named Shri Jin Datta Suri, Shri Manidhari Chandra Suri, Shri Jin Kushal Suri, Shri Jin Chandra Suri. All the four dada guide to the path of Jainism and their life has been full of miracles.

The worship place for Dada Gurudev is known as Dadabadi where millions of jain devotees worship to get grace of Dada. The Sculpture is made up of crystal and is an impeccable match to suit your home.

Dimension - 5.50"X3.75"

Weight - 572 Grams