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Durga Ji ( Green Aventurine) 5.50"X4"

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Durga Ji is known as the multidimensional goddess who is known to possess various divine personas and facets. She is Shakti or Mahishasuramardini, Sati, Kali, Parvati, Bhavani. Her other names are Amba, Basanti, Annapurna, Tara, Ambika, and Jagadhatri. She is considered the most powerful goddess.

Through all her forms, she encompasses the epitome of sacrifice and salvation. She is the core of wealth, power, bounty, beauty, knowledge with Lakshmi and Sarasvati as her daughters. She is the protector of all that is sacred and pure. The festival of Navratri is celebrated with great joy and is dedicated to all the nine divine forms of Goddess Durga.

Bring the fierce Goddess home to bring strength and courage to your home. The well-designed and extremely detailed statue is made up of Green Aventurine which is a radiant blue stone known to combine the power of water and wind energy. This stone is known for its amazing healing and balancing properties apart from the ability to activate and purify your chakras.

Dimension - 5.50"X4"

Weight - 639 Grams