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Gemstone Sodalite Lord Shiva Idol Statue, Handmade Statue, Shiv Statue 3.25"X2.75", Protector and Recreator of the universe

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The Hindu Trinity includes Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Shiva is known as the destroyer among the Trimurti as it is believed that he is the one responsible for destruction of the world.

He is also the protector and recreator of the universe and is believed to have harmony and sustenance. His third eye symbolizes enlightenment, insight, and omniscience. This exceptionally detailed and well-designed statue is made up of sodalite which is known to calm your panic attacks and bring emotional balance in your life.

Add this vintage beauty to your home to spread the mystical power of the almighty. The elaborate detailing of damaru, trishul, snake and ganga on his hairdo makes the sculpture more fascinating.

Dimension - 3.25"X2.75"

Weight - 172 Grams