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Gold Plated Agate Coaster, Choose Color, Silver Plated Agate Coaster Set of 4 Pieces, Tableware, Rock Coaster, Agate Slice, Glass Coasters

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Experience a vibrant, creative morning with this beautifully unique Gold Plated Agate Coaster Set from KNOBCO.

Perfect gift for any occasion, complementing both antique and contemporary kitchen accessories.

Coasters are never say never kind of a product. Every household will have them. Whether as a personal collection or love for no-stains, or, sometime or the other you have might received it as a gift. Well! Here is a beautifully handcrafted set of 4 coasters which can serve any of the purposes as above.

Handcrafted from stunning agate stone, this timepiece makes a beautiful housewarming gift or work of art for any home.

Package Content : 4 Pieces Coaster

Dimension : Diameter 3.5 inches to 4 inches approximately.

Each piece is one-of-kind. Product received is likely to have variations from the ones presented in listing images.