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Make The Home Vibe Chill With Refreshing Bar Accessories And Tools

Bar Accessories :-

A true bar lover desire to have an enhanced accessories for the bar. To assist with the bar accessories, we have the variety of Wine Chillers, Bottle Openers, Wine Stoppers, and Shot Glass Holders. Our collection has versatile options of shades, patterns, designs, styles, sizes and lot more which offer our clients to customize their bar wares.

Features :-

Best Match For Every Occasion :-

Plan your event without worries about Bar Accessories. We have a variety of options to assist you in serving your guests. Wether it is birthday or wedding, regular meet-ups or gatherings our collection can be your preference.


Pocket Friendly  :-

Cost is another factor that can increase your stress level due to which we made our collection pocket-friendly. You can grab the finest quality article in your budget.


Multipurpose Catalog :-

Wine Chiller, Shot Glass Holder, Wine Stopper and Bottle Opener are the part of this catalog. This collection can also be a gifting ideas.


Customization  :-

Customize your bar with a variety of styles, patterns, shapes, sizes, and much more with multiple options offered to our clients.



Good quality material is used to craft the accessories to keep the authenticity of the product. Best quality material gives the rich look and enhances your impression.


Time Saver:-

To make your drinks anytime ready these accessories can make the work easy without wasting time in the wait for the bartender.



It is not event specific, it can be used in multiple type of gathering and can also be gifted to our dear ones and in the corporate. The appearance of the product gives your bar an artistic look that can enrich your décor taste.


The Good Home Bar Need :-

These accessories are the best for the home bar as it removes the hustle of the public in the bars and makes the ambience more pleasing and relaxing.



Marble Wine Chiller:-

Marble has the quality to maintain the wine temperature. The exquisite appearance of the material makes the serving elegant. interesting and delightful. Store the bottles in a chiller moreover space left then ice-cubes can be added. 


Wine Stopper:-

The main function of a wine stopper is to protect your wine from ruin. Wine Stoppers are designed air-tight. You can get the sophisticated options of Wine Stoppers. It prevents your drink from spoilage.


Bottle Opener:-

* Hold the beer bottle and the bottle opener in opposite hands. Make sure you have a good grip on your bottle. 

* Notice the cut-out option on the Bottle Opener.  Place the cut-out section on the cap and push the opener. 

* Lift the handle of the bottle opener. Lift the edge of the Bottle Opener in a manner that it presses down the top of the bottle cap and it can open.

* Discard or recycle the bottle cap. Once the cap is off you can recycle or trash it in a bin.

Knobco is here to help you to get your desired accessories at your doorsteps. Make your festive season more trendy and beautiful by clicking here. Let your guests remember your bar after the party.

Stock your bar with right Bar Accessories. Make your Christmas & New Year parties more happening and warm.




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