Q1.Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide to the United States, Canada, UK, and other countries throughout the world.

Q2. How long will delivery take?

5 to 7 business days on average. Please contact us via email sales@knobco.comif you would like to purchase an out of stock product and we can give you a better estimate of time.

Q3. How much does shipping cost?

- United States Customers: Shipping to the USA is a flat rate of $8.50 for any size order. - International Customers: Depending on which country you live in, you may be required to pay two shipping related charges. The first fee is paid to us. The fee is a flat rate of $19.99 for any size order. The second fee may or may not be charged by your country for taxes/duties for importing into your country. Before you order please check with your government tax agency to figure out if you will need to pay any fees for buying products that are shipped to you from India.


Q1.How do I place an order?

You have the option to place a secure online order on our website. if you face any issue please call us at 919-335-8088 or mail us atsales@knobco.comand we can process your order over the phone.

Q2.How do I check on the status of my order?

When you place an order at Knobco.com, you will receive a user name and password that will give you access to information regarding your order. Once you have logged in, you can click on "View your order history" to see your order. This page will give you the details and status of your order. If you have not yet paid, there will be a link for you to "make a payment" in order to complete your order.

Q3. What is your minimum order?

There is minimum order, minimum cart value is $12 USD


Q1.What if my order arrives damaged or defective?

If your order arrives with damaged/deffective products please email us pictures for verification atsales@knobco.comand we'll ship replacements to you or refund your money.

Q2.What is your return/exchange policy?

We do not have any return policy.


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