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Pushpdant Nath ji (Green Obsidian)

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Lord Pushpadanta Ji also known as Suprabhkuta or Suvidhinatha was the ninth Tirthankara of the present age. He became an Arihant and a Siddha, which is a liberated soul that is known to destroy all of its karma.

He was the son to King Sugriva and Queen Rama. He had attained knowledge at a very young age. Lord Pushpadanta is symbolized by Crocodile.

He is the one who restarted the four-part sangha in the tradition that was initiated by Rishabhanatha. Bring this well-designed beautiful statue of Lord Pushpadanta Ji to your home which is made up of Green obsidian. It is a rare stone known to help prevent you from negativity and also guard you against any blockages that come in your spiritual journey.

Dimension - 4" x 3"

Weight - 203 Grams