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Radha Krishna (Prahnite) 6"X5"

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Lord Krishna is a major Hindu god who is worshipped all over the world on large scale. He is recognized as “Svayam Bhagwan” in his own right or as the complete/absolute Lord Vishnu incarnation. He is one of the most popular and admired Hindu deities. He is famous among all age group of people due to his mischievous yet magically charming and powerful personality. He is known with different names like Govinda, Mukunda, Kanha, Madhusudana and Vasudeva.

Beside him is the Hindu goddess Radha also known as Radhika who is the consort of Lord Krishna. She is known as the female counterpart and internal potency of Lord Krishna and is believed to accompany him in all his incarnations.

The statue is of Lord Krishna with Radha is made up of Prehnite which is known to alleviate phobias, nightmares and deep phobias. It is stone for remembering and dreaming. Bring this idol to bring happiness and peace at your home. It is highly recommended as a great gift option for different occasions.

Dimension - 6"X5"

Weight - 593 Grams