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Vimal Nath Ji (Rosequartz) 4.25"X3"

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Vimalnatha Ji is known to be the thirteenth Jain Tirthankara of the present age, avasarpini as per the Jainism.

He is known as the liberated soul who has destroyed all of its karma. He was the son to King Kratavarma and Queen Shyamadevi. He is known to be born on the third day of the Magh Shukla month of Indian calendar. Lord Ajitnath is symbolized by Boar.

Bring this well designed beautiful statue of Lord Vimalnatha Ji to your home which is made up of sodalite stone crystal which is known to calm your panic attacks and bring emotional balance in your life. The idol is definitely worth buying and a great gift option too.

Dimension - 4.25"X3"