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KPS-4638 - Mulit-Color Design on a Whte Ceramic Cabinet Knob

White Floral Dresser Cabinet Knob With Multicolor strips

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Multi-color design on a white ceramic cabinet knob with brass fittings will add color and style to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets!


Handmade White Floral Dresser Cabinet Knob With Multicolor Strips is sure to give the royal and rich look you wish to have for your home.

It is perfectly suitable for any cabinet or drawer in your kitchen, bathroom or even your dressing. Being handmade it gives you a very personal and elegant appearance to your drawers or cabinets. These uniquely crafted ceramic knobs are 4.0 cm in diameter and also includes screws for easy installation of the knob. 

There are four different backings available which are

  • Silver
  • Silver Antique
  • Brass
  • Brass Antique.

You can opt for different backing as per your requirement from the given options.

Delivery time varies from 5 to 7 business days. Since, the product is handmade, the color and design may slightly vary from the given image.




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