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Guru Govind Singh ji (Serpantile) 3.50"X3.50"

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Guru Gobind Singh is known as the tenth Sikh guru, a warrior, poet, spiritual master and philosopher. He was the only child of Guru Tegh Bahadur and Mata Gujri born on 22 December 1666 in Patna.

He was installed as the leader of Sikhs only at the age of nine after his father was executed by Aurangzeb. He was the founder of the Sikh warrior community called Khalsa. He is also credited as the one to finalize and enshrine the Guru Granth sahib as the primary scripture of Sikhism and eternal guru.

It is said that installing god’s figurine will not only bring prosperity but will also help eliminate obstacles in your life. The idol is made up of Serpentine, which is known to enhance the spiritual exploration and assist wisdom retrieval.

Dimension - 3.50"X3.50"

Weight - 349 Grams