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Hanuman Ji ( Thulite) 4.25"X2.50"

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He is a hindu god and the vanara companion of lord Rama. He is known to be a passionate devotee of lord Rama. Hanuman Ji is also known as “Pavan putra” as he is the son of wind-god Vayu.

He is viewed as the perfect combination of assertive excellence, heroic initiative and strength. He is considered as a bachelor and an exemplary celibate.

The idol of Hanuman Ji is made up of Thulite which is a crystalline or massive pink manganese-bearing range of mineral zoisite. It is known to help fight in addictions and destructive habits. It also helps in moving on from the errors made by one in the past.

Dimension - 4.25"X2.50"

Weight - 510 Grams