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Mallinath Ji (Blue Green Florite) 4.25"X3.25"

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Mallinatha is said to be a woman whose name is Malli Devi by Shwetambara Jains white the digambara sect have a belief that all the 24 Tirthankara were men which includes Mallinatha as well. Digambara claim that Mallinatha was a son who was born in a royal family and they worship Mallinatha as a male.

However, Shwetambara state that Mallinatha was a female whose name was believed to be Malli bai. Bring this well-designed stunning statue of Mallinatha Ji to your home which is made up of sodalite stone crystal which is known to calm your panic attacks and bring emotional balance in your life.

The idol is definitely worth buying and a great gift option too.

Dimension - 4.25"X3.25"

Weight - 308 Grams